Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
Mary Lou Little graduated from Shortridge H.S. in 1915 and received a diploma from the Indianapolis Normal School in 1918. In 1928, Little moved to L.A. with her husband and finished her undergraduate teaching in U.C.L.A. She taught in the L.A. school system until her retirement in 1967. The Mary Lou Allison Loving Cup award is presented at each Boule to the Chapter reporting the most successful program.

Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
Johnson received both B.S. and M.S. Degrees from Butler University. In 1923, she received her first teaching assignment and over the years she was promoted to principal of one of the largest elementary schools in Indiana. She was also involved with many clubs and organizations dedicated to community service and retired in 1966.

Birthplace: Oxford, Ohio
Marbury attended Shortridge H.S. and the Indianapolis Normal School. She received a B.S. from Butler University and a Masters degree from Columbia University in New York City. Her professional career included teaching at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Director of Practice Training of teachers from Butler University, Indianapolis University and Indianapolis State University. She taught in the Indianapolis School system for 9 years. Marbury organized Public School #87 which grew from a 4 room portable school to 18 rooms and 24 teachers, where she was principal for 39 years until her retirement in 1967. She married in 1929 and is the mother of two children. Soror Marbury kept the Sigma Light burning until her death on July 30, 2000

Birthplace: Greenville, Kentucky
Redford graduated from South Bend Central H.S. Cum Laude, from Indiana State Teachers College with a B.S., and Butler University with an M.S. She also studied at Western Reserve in Cleveland and Indiana University extension. She taught 1 year in Terra Haute and 37 yrs in Indianapolis, IN. She served the sorority as Grand Epistoleus, Grand Tamiochus, Financial Consultant and received various awards and honors from the Sorority. Plaques are awarded in Redford's name at each Boule for exhibits for Chapter Achievements.

Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
Martin was the youngest of six children and attended grade school in Indianapolis. She graduated from the Manual Training High School and the City Teachers Normal. Martin taught school for over 25 years. She married twice and was a devoted wife and hard worker in school and the Sorority.

McClure graduated from Shortridge H.S., the Indianapolis City Normal School and attended Western Reserve in Cleavland OH. She won the Gregg Scholarship which she planned to use to attend Columbia University, but due to illness she could not accept the scholarship. McClure was talented in art and she helped to design the Sorority pin. She died very young on August 24, 1924.

Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
Whiteside graduated from Shortridge H.S. and entered the Indianapolis Normal School. In 1922, when in training as a cadet teacher she met the teachers who became her best friends and Founders of the Sorority. She taught school until 1951 when she retired and later helped her husband to develop a business. She also started her own millinery business and worked with her church and various organizations. After the death of her husband, she ran their business from 1955-57 and returned to teaching in 1959 where she remained until her retirement in 1970.